Andre Speller Jr - DJJUMPOFF

Andre Speller Jr – DJJUMPOFF

Andre Speller Jr, AKA The World Famous DJJUMPOFF, started by watching his stepfather DJ at events and clubs at a very young age. While attending events with his stepfather he would fall asleep on the speakers with the music pumping. Being inspired by his stepfather at the early age of 8 years old his passion was ignited to do the same thing. He informed his parents that he wanted his very own set of turntables and received them for Christmas that year.

For many years thereafter DJJUMPOFF practiced and at that point took his talent to another level by starting to do events. He started to do major concerts, club events, private parties, etc. in the 757 area code. With this skill under his belt he then moved into doing radio at the young age of 14 years old. Achieving this position he began working with WWHV HOT 102.1 FM & WWBR 107.9 FM. During this time he traveled around and hosted events for the Non-Smoking campaign at the age 15. He also hosted the following segments while on his grind: HOT 91 with JROD, HOT 91 Saturday JUMPOFF, HOT 102.1 The Crib Reality Radio, and HOT 102.1 Saturday Mix.

While continuing his career for the next 6 years with the stations, he won The DJ Bee Award which is an award for the local 757 area for upcoming hot DJ’s.

In the midst of all that he started a DJ group, JUMPSTART ENT, which became well known in the 757 area. DJJUMPOFF created a team of DJ’s who had the same passion as himself and taught them how to master their craft which led them to doing their own events etc. until this very point in time.

Now he has arrived in the DMV to conquer a new phase as DJJUMPOFF.